CSM Training

I am now a Certified Scrum Master…… but I don’t feel to be a master 😦

I think the concepts was presented well but it seems that I have an impression that people who are doing scrum are rebellious in a sense.  One of the trainors (Bas Vodde) who I assume is  leader in the SCRUM community for me is purist in a sense.

Personally I think the training of CSM should be attended by Project Managers, Lead Developers, Business Analyst and Managers but most of the people who attended the training were developers who do not have any experience in leading a team so I think it is very dangerous for this people to attend this kind of trainings because in implementing scrum one should have a concepts of managing and leading a team.

The concept of SCRUM is so simple yet so hard to implement.

Bas Vodde, one of trainors who I would label as a purist in SCRUM and a SCRUM coach in my own personal opinion lacks the maturity be one.  Maybe, I am too direct in my choice of words but during the Q&A for the CSM training he was dodging every question of the class and could not answer most of questions in a manner that a mentor or a coach should be answering.

He said “keep the Project Manager out of the picture when you are implementing scrum“.  He is adamant in saying that project management is not a good idea but SCRUM is distributing the function and roles of Project Management in the Product Owner and the Scrum Master.

When a coach would say that he don’t see any need for an audit or a process and to keep management away I feel that concepts of the coaches mind is distorted.  SCRUM in itself is a process of delivering a project while audits is still needed because any customer-vendor relationship would want to have a snapshot what is happening on a project and management would always be there because they are the ones who paying the delivery team.

This is so sad to hear from an author, mentor and even as a SCRUM coach.


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