Macro Management in SCRUM

Still I cannot get over it…. yesterday I was able to finish the training for SCRUM Master but it just keep rubbing in.  It seems that the trainors of SCRUM is saying to me that SCRUM is the only methodology that practices MACRO Management in a project.

If in any case you are a project manager in any industry may it be IT, Software, Hardware, Construction, etc…. this is a trait of a good project manager if one would macro manage and still knows what is being done by your teammates.  A good project manager is not just command and control but he listens a lot.

I have been in the IT industry for quite some time now and I believe that a PM or any lead should have the following traits:

  • A good listener
  • is Proactive
  • inspire a shared vision
  • provides Win-Win Solution
  • has the trait of a problem solver
  • has team building skills
  • can influence people even if he has no title
  • has the ability to delegate tasks
  • is cool under pressure
  • has self-mastery on what he/she do
  • has integrity
  • and a good communicator

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